No idea who it is), 7. And that's IF we knew the Bears would repeat as the top fantasy defense. In general, over the past three years on ESPN, the average difference between players picked in Rounds 4, 5 and 6 is less than 1.5 points per game. Certainly, is a competitor of Peter's (then) MMQB site and Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew, currently being drafted as QB 24 (and he's being drafted in only 10% of ESPN leagues), finishes the year as a top 12 fantasy QB. It's your team, go for it. All that said, I love Fantasy Football. While Peter is in a class by himself, in theory I'm a competitor, right? Draft day is just one piece of the puzzle. That means this section is about adding depth and finally looking at the tight end and quarterback positions (assuming you've ignored one or both to this point). , The Canadian Press. QB-RB-WR Come on, people. And now he will have another year in Kyle Shanahan's complicated but fantasy-friendly offense and, in theory, improved QB play. QB-WR-WR. Like, what? Dak Prescott finishes as the No. NOTE: ND in the chart below denotes not drafted. (Editor's note: That wasn't it.). What can the Talented Mr. Roto teach us about modern entrepreneurship? But in an ESPN standard PPR league, I'm unlikely to grab one of these tight ends at their current ADP. If you ever need a solid guy like Tate who can just give you 8-10 points in a week, guys like that are always available on the waiver wire. However, the other teams can't make pickups at all, and when the Vampire plays the other teams, if the Vampire wins, he/she can trade one of his/her starting players to the losing team for one of its starting players (at the same position). I expect him to improve in his second year in the NFL. Through the first six rounds, you've likely got at least two starting running backs, two starting wide receivers and one flex. 2. In the past 15 years, only one rookie TE (Evan Engram) has finished as a top-10 player at the position, and that was a fluky year where Odell Beckham Jr. missed the majority of the season and Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepard also missed a decent amount of time. Our friends at Caesars Palace have seven teams currently projected for 10 or more wins (Patriots, Chiefs, Colts, Eagles, Rams, Saints and Chargers). Awesome. I've seen family vacations, graduations and the birth of David's twin sisters. This probably won't even matter, because you are either drinking the Kool-Aid on Mahomes or you're not, and no logic or reason will sway you from whichever position you have. ESPN’s Matthew Berry announced the star-studded, 14-team AGBO league earlier this week that was the brainchild of Guillermo Lozano and Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo. 1. Consider this: I had the crack team here at ESPN HQ study the millions of people who play with us on -- more than any place else! In other words, 74% of the top 10 fantasy QBs since 2014 have come from teams that were better than .500 in the NFL. Remember that, especially when you feel like embarrassing yourself on social media to harass a player, a coach, a fantasy analyst or a league mate. I just want to use them to show that building around a star running back (or even two, depending on the flow of your draft) is the percentage play based on data gathered from the past four seasons (and especially last year). So in a world that far too often these days is hallmarked by anger and hate, I wanted to take an opportunity to shine a light on a truly awesome and kind human being, who was nice and generous for no other reason than that's just who he is. Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys (ADP RB 44, 149.4 overall), 6. But in general, in the past three years, the difference between players picked in Rounds 4, 5 and 6, on a points-per-game basis ... is a POINT AND A HALF. (Remember ... what's MOST likely to happen?). Pettis has shown top-15 talent. Because it's not just enough to have a good player -- you need to know when to start that player. Born in Denver, but raised in College Station, Texas, Berry began playing fantasy sports at age 14 and started writing about fantasy sports professionally in 1999. We all get nervous, we all sweat wins, but ultimately ... it's a game. Just remember, the No. 1 D/ST repeat as the top unit the following year THIS MILLENNIUM. I Kalen Like a Wrecking Ball (many) It is a great opportunity for networking, for information gathering, for becoming immersed in the NFL for the upcoming year. I have him in some dynasty leagues and absolutely love him. I ask this every year, and we are making great progress, but our work is not done yet. So the ADP ranks (and the likely way your draft goes) on ESPN differ (sometimes significantly) in some ways from the ADPs in other places people play fantasy, because our default rankings are different from those of other places. The NFL season is nearly upon us, and it's time to shake the pandemic blues, bust out your tablets, do your research and plunge head on into He spent decades building up contacts, experience and a massive stature in the industry. I evaluate players using many factors, but you don't have to because, let's face it, you have a life. Last season, he became just the second WR in the past decade to score double-digit TDs on fewer than 45 receptions. Again, I'm a wait-on-QBs guy and we will get into that in the next section, but even if you decided to take the plunge on one of those guys, it's still just one player, and the other picks in this section are going to be RBs and WRs. Fourth-highest drop rate among tight ends last year, seventh in drop rate league wide since 2017 (minimum 100 targets). In three of Aaron Rodgers' past five healthy seasons, his WR2 has finished as a top-20 WR, so we know the role has a lot of value. It's like we said at the top ... it's a weekly game, and while it would be great if you could just start the same group every week and not worry about it, there are very few players who are worth starting every week without pause. I'm pretty sure Stefanski isn't going to show up and say "You know what this offense needs? Also, if you join a mock draft, don't impersonate me or someone else. May the Montclair Pedroias bring home the title this year. New York Giants TE Evan Engram. And most of all, thanks very much to you. (0:54)9:20 AM ETMatthew BerryESPN Senior Writer Close• Senior Fantasy analyst for ESPN• Member, FSWA and FSTA Halls of Fame• Best-selling author of "Fantasy … I did this for last season and compared the results to the three years prior: OK, you probably didn't need this fancy table to tell you that elite TE production last season was bananas, but I made "Thirsty" Kyle Soppe build it and he's all proud of it, so here you go. But overall, if the NFL team is winning, its players are fantasy assets. He had at least 64 yards in all four of those games and at least five catches in three of them. • I also want to try a "Guillotine" league. ", I went there by myself, not as a part of ESPN's large NFL contingent, veterans of many combines. Among players currently going in Round 2, there are two players I love: Joe Mixon (ADP: 19.8, RB10; My Rank: RB8): Again, it's because of volume. Worried that QB Josh Allen and RB Zack Moss take much of the scoring away on a team that isn't likely to have an explosive offense. Again, very important to keep stressing this: It is a weekly game. They are awesome, they are my top three tight ends, and if you play in a league with TE premium scoring (usually 1.5 PPR for TEs), I most certainly get it and support it. Travis Kelce (2018): 294.6 points So all you can do is minimize risk, give yourself the best odds to succeed every week, make the best call you can in the moment and let the chips fall where they may. The reason I ask, other than another plug for the No. So if we once again expand up to 18 points to account for higher-scoring weeks, we find that 62% of all such performances saw the wideout get at least seven targets. Other Round 9 targets: Dede Westbrook and Will Fuller V. At this point in the draft you should have your "offensive" starting lineup (save for maybe a QB if you're really waiting, which I am fine with, or a TE if you decided to punt the position). I mean seriously, where the hell else do I have to be? I ask you again: What's most likely to happen with the Big Three TEs this year? 8. When I began writing this column in 1998, the Toronto Raptors had yet to make the playoffs and were averaging just 22.5 wins a season through their first four years of existence. 4. Jeudy's In the Eye of the Beholder (@DLPSports), 7. Here are 5 thoughtful lessons from the book. 6. I don't like paying a premium for the elite TEs as we discussed above, but you're gonna need one, and this is where the usable ones start going. Peter is a legend and certainly doesn't need any pub from me, but as I write the 14th annual 10 Lists of 10, I think about Peter. Below is a breakdown of the percentage of players who finished in the top 10 at their position in fantasy points since 2014 while playing for an NFL team that finished with a winning record that season. Seriously, the app is worth it just for the alerts. He is also the only player in the NFL with double-digit TD receptions in each of the past three seasons. From this article to the end of your season, every single thing you do needs to lead back to that very simple but rarely followed rule. TE O is the Broncos' Noah Fant, TE P is the Chiefs' Travis Kelce. And you're drafting as if that will continue? 7. This is where you're taking your defense and your kicker. I can't tell you how many tweets I get that say, "I'm in a mock draft with you!" And in that case, only the commissioner or host website for the league should wield that power. WR K is the Cowboys' Amari Cooper, WR L is the Cowboys' Michael Gallup. Play matchups. A pastime. That Adrian Peterson, an unsigned free agent, would finish with 1,042 rushing yards, or just 12 fewer than Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette combined. That those in deep leagues need to know the name of Cardinals TE Dan Arnold, who has continued his great chemistry from the end of last year with QB Kyler Murray in practice. If you want to reach for a defense that you like in Round 13 or 14, I'm not doing that, but I don't really hate it. Could mean something, could mean nothing, but why not take the chance and find out? This means that every single week you will look at all the players available to you -- on your roster and in the free-agent pool -- and decide on a starting lineup. I am of the belief there is no such thing as a bad pick after Round 10 in a 10-team redraft league. Honestly, our ESPN Fantasy App is badass and can do everything, including, I am pretty sure, cure the common cold. I mean, someone had him as TE11 and on the "Love" list last year, ahem.) We'll discuss tight end in the Rounds 7-9 section. (Hey, I already got the plug in.) Understand these two key things: The art of negotiating is a skill in fantasy. He's now at NBC with "Football Morning in America." In July 2018, we had no idea that Chicago Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks would finish the year with more rushing yards than Le'Veon Bell. 2. Safety is our #1 Priority. 3. A very good real life player and a nice signing for New Orleans. 1. It's 100% free, so what have you got to lose? Help me spread the word. Fantasy football drafts signal the annual rite of fall. Rob Gronkowski (2014): 266.4 points Every difference matters. No other moves, the league plays out and every week, after the games are done, your best possible lineup is set for you and everyone else in the league. He averaged 20 touches per game and was top-five in terms of percentage of his team's carries and rushing yards. Fantasy Football Team (many, in a nod to Washington Football Team), 4. Or Patrick Mahomes and the starting RB of the Chiefs. Look at this list. Or "running back Y is going to benefit from his team consistently being ahead.". And even if, somehow, there were a slight downturn in production, I wouldn't care. What's most interesting to me here is the spike in elite running back production and the leveling of the WR landscape. New Orleans Saints TE Jared Cook. Let's take out the names and just go by the top three players, regardless of name, at the tight end position in fantasy. That's it. And as we've just learned, class ... AT A FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL, THE KEY TO FANTASY FOOTBALL SUCCESS IS MINIMIZING RISK ON A WEEKLY BASIS TO GIVE YOURSELF THE BEST ODDS TO WIN. 10. Other Round 11 targets: Kyler Murray and Austin Ekeler. Once I know which site I'm drafting on and all the rules and settings (and hopefully what spot you're drafting from), I do a ton of mock drafts. Example Round 3 target: Mike Evans (ADP: 24.7, WR10; My Rank: WR10). Add in some positive regression for Odell Beckham Jr. in the touchdown department and I'm a little nervous in full PPR leagues. And more likely than not, it's an RB. Of course, this season could be different, but the fact that the depth of the position makes a stat like that even remotely possible means you're better off waiting, provided you don't think Mahomes is going to throw for another 50-some-odd scores again. So only once in 15 years. 2. Cowboys WR Michael Gallup (ADP: WR32, 87.6 overall) outscores fellow Cowboys WR Amari Cooper (ADP: WR10, 32.6 overall). A player who could wind up as an elite option at a position in any given week. Other Round 14 targets: Michael Gallup and Royce Freeman. So I ask you, gentle reader. The 2018 Bears were an outlier. I'll wait. I am pro-handcuff, especially if it's a situation in which you know who the replacement would be. Joshua Kelley, Los Angeles Chargers (undrafted). What are we even doing here? Fliers. 3. Ravens TE Mark Andrews, who got 98 targets in 15 games last year, also gets departed TE Hayden Hurst's 39 targets from last year to have 137 targets, comparable to the 134 targets Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce got last year? I'm not saying a little over two and a half points a week isn't something. RB E is the Browns' Kareem Hunt, and RB F is the Browns' Nick Chubb (starting when Hunt came back from suspension). His first four years we all loved him as a sleeper and he was merely asleep. I've been there, my friend. New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman. Player B: ADP of 80.4 with a 19.6 PPG average. He's also been heavily praised this offseason by Jon Gruden, offensive coordinator Greg Olson and even his new teammate Antonio Brown. Are we sure Sutton will get enough targets with TE Noah Fant, RB Melvin Gordon and WR Jerry Jeudy there? Because my mission on this planet isn't done until every man, woman and child plays fantasy football. As much as possible, especially in the early rounds, I want players with a high floor. And certainly everything else you read/see/hear this preseason will be about players and their values, both high and low. In his second NFL season, Mixon became a true bell cow back. Also included for context is the dropoff from 11-20 to 21-30 at each position (RB2 to RB3 and WR2 to WR3). I watch, listen, read and research like crazy. My thinking: Bad team that will need to throw a ton, Minshew is more mobile than he gets credit for. 5. I've been in more than my share of email wars and angry text exchanges in years past. Whatever the construction, the point is simply this: These next three rounds are about grabbing more running backs and wide receivers. Does anyone remember laughter? I would still have Adams as my No. There will be some who emerge as reliable options, but the idea that you, or anyone, will be able to predict a breakout kicker with any degree of certainty on draft day, and pass up a shot at this year's Patrick Mahomes or George Kittle (both of whom went in the 12th round or later last year) in the process, is silly. And we don't. Download it, and if you hate it, just delete it. He makes me nervous every year. Remember, he basically lost a full season with the wrist injury (so no mileage on the legs). He is growing up, he is changing, he has become a young man, and way too soon, he will be in the real world. In the prior 43 games of his career, he averaged 4.1 yards per carry. Just don't do it. WE PLAY FOR FUN. You should never expect one of your final picks to be a reliable starter, so a player's floor doesn't really matter at this point in the draft. 10. Activate an old one? Winston makes for a great backup QB because he has the upside to be an every-week starter, but by drafting him this late, you have the flexibility to bench him if he struggles or has a poor matchup. Example Round 6 target: Chris Godwin (ADP: 66.5, WR23; My Rank: WR21): As required by fantasy analyst law, I am high on Godwin this year. Really fun format and highly recommended. What should he care? On Monday, July 8, 2019, my stepson, David, turned 21. Well, those are the averages for QBs 1-5 in terms of ADP last season (Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson), while Player B represents QBs 6-10 (Carson Wentz, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger and Kirk Cousins). Last year no one liked him and he exploded. Seriously, they were the $#%^. Many thanks to "Thirsty" Kyle Soppe of the Fantasy Focus 06010 podcast and to The Stat-a-Pillar, Damian Dabrowski of The Fantasy Show on ESPN+, for their help with this. (@yojimbojones), 10. QB -- 74% For the most part, this is sleeper territory. Bengals WR A.J. So being able to grab him this late as my starter, or even as your backup if you have a shaky starter, is Example 8,000,000,003 why you wait on a QB in 10-team leagues. From Week 10 on last season, only five defenses scored more fantasy points than the Colts. Half-Draked and a Kittle Drunk (@jesseghiorzi), 7. Matthew Berry will not appear on ESPN’s “Fantasy Football Now” on Sunday because he has COVID-19. ADP, that's a concern since he hasn't had a ton of time to get on the same page as Kyler Murray. K -- 76% Both are efficient in the passing game on run-first offenses; now Smith doesn't have Delanie Walker in front of him and is going as TE 20 if he's even being drafted. Matthew Berry (ESPN, The Talented Mr. Roto), the face of fantasy football co-founded the app as a place for fans to chat about sports, get fantasy advice, and even find sleepers for your team. And that meant, for the first time, I would get to go to the annual NFL combine. Matthew J. Berry (born December 29, 1969) is an American writer, columnist, fantasy sports analyst, and television personality. Find a rankings source you like (you can even use mine, if you like), compare it with the ADP of the site you are drafting on and you will be able to find players who are going way too high or too low for your taste. Fantasy football is a game. Other Round 8 targets: Derrius Guice, Tevin Coleman and Robby Anderson. I saw Tom Brady barely average 200 yards a game in his final season at Michigan and I've seen him win six Super Bowls since. Green is, you know, A.J. Is it easily repeatable? In the world of "what's most likely to happen," when I am drafting in this area, I want guys with high weekly ranges. • In 2018, the top three TEs in fantasy (the Big Three) scored 833.6 points. If Murray sees a comparable workload, he's going to be a great value outside the top 100 picks. And controls all of your leagues and teams in any ESPN fantasy sport! 10. WR M is the Saints' Michael Thomas, WR N is every other Saints WR combined in that span. I mean, as great as Derrick Henry's 238-yard, four-touchdown performance was in Week 14 last season, very few people got to enjoy that. 4. In fact, Howard was already starting to show flashes of a breakout last season prior to getting hurt. The guys debate 5 controversial players to rank next year and if Matthew is “Bitter Berry” or “Very Berry” for each player’s outlook. Sutton On The Dak of the Bay (@drummer_412), 10. Dart throws. Try it once. It doesn't matter that Williams might not be an elite talent, because his role and opportunity are as good as it gets. 7. Detroit Lions RB D'Andre Swift. So yeah, if I draft Todd Gurley, I am making sure I have both Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown. TE Q is the 49ers' George Kittle, TE R is the Titans' Jonnu Smith. For reading this far and for reading for 21 years. Remember, the Saints have led the NFL in rushing TDs in each of the past two seasons, and in 2018 they were top-five in both overall and red zone rush percentage. 9. When looking at running backs, go for the guys who also catch passes. In most ESPN drafts this year, I'd expect roughly the same number of RBs and WRs to be off the board through two rounds and I'm much more likely to open my draft RB-WR or RB-RB than WR-RB. 7. Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles (ADP RB 51, 164.1 overall), 8. Without Henry's big game, he would have lost the game. So I'm not being holier than thou. So allow me to hit you over the head with it: WE PLAY A WEEKLY GAME THAT HAPPENS TO TAKE PLACE OVER THE COURSE OF AN NFL SEASON. The crew welcomes in The Godfathers of Fantasy Football Matthew Berry as they discuss everything Fantasy Life(Both his incredible book and the app). Find Matthew @matthewberry. I will say I don't want to leave my first three rounds without at least one wide receiver, however. Embracing the fun spirit of fantasy sports, ESPN senior fantasy analyst Matthew Berry and his unconventional cast of characters aim to make fantasy football players smarter and help them win their leagues. And so it is with that longing for the past while embracing the future that we turn to my other 21-year-old, the Draft-Day Manifesto. 5. 1 fantasy site in the world, is that average draft position is largely driven by the default rankings on whichever site you play. In the final four weeks of 2018, Derrick Henry averaged 6.7 yards per carry. And we don't know each other very well. And had he qualified last season, he would have led the league in both deep completions and deep attempts per game. Derrick Henry laughed at that. That's where you'll find market inefficiency. Matthew Berry will not appear on ESPN’s “Fantasy Football Now” on Sunday because he has COVID-19. And my interest in doing fantasy baseball content went in the complete opposite direction. It's so weird -- I don't get why people do that. 1. Every draft pick, every waiver move, potential trade, start/sit decision and every other move. I'll let someone else argue if teams are winning because they run the ball or they are running the ball because they're winning. I felt out of place, awkward and intimidated. And the next day, he invited me to walk with him as he went through the combine. Denver Broncos WR Courtland Sutton.. Are we sure QB Drew Lock is going to be good? I lead off with that every year because with wall-to-wall coverage of fantasy football these days (including this very long article), it's easy to lose sight of it. He already has a defined red zone role, and with the added volume he should see following the departure of Tyrell Williams, it's easy to see the former high-first-round pick making the jump into the WR2 range. Embracing the fun spirit of fantasy sports, ESPN senior fantasy analyst Matthew Berry and his unconventional cast of characters aim to make fantasy football players smarter and help them win their leagues. When is the trade deadline (if there is one). So there's a lot that could go wrong here -- Pettis might not come anywhere close to that production. NOTE: Obviously, the ADPs and my rankings listed above will change a lot after this column publishes in late July, so always make note of those in your draft prep. Chase Edmonds, Arizona Cardinals (ADP RB 54, 166.9 overall), 9. And in the eight games in which he saw 10-plus carries, he averaged 19.1 fantasy PPG. My thinking: The second-best QB last year in total points and the QB with the most rushing touchdowns since he came into the NFL, he's playing for a new deal in a fantasy-friendly offense, and he has three big-play wide receivers in Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup and CeeDee Lamb. I'm not his problem. I'll get to QBs overall in a later section, but specifically about Mahomes, my 100 Facts has a bunch of stats showing that even if he regresses, Mahomes is still worth drafting as the No. Believe me, I get it. Last season, the top teams in RB fantasy scoring won 61 games! 5. Over the past three years, when Stefon Diggs was off the field, Thielen was targeted on 25% of his routes. Remember, kids, we're playing the game of "what's most likely to happen.". This is where you start to see flaws in some of the running backs, but WR is still at a stud level. (For comparison, Jamison Crowder and Duke Johnson have higher rates.) (0:54)Matthew Berry is taking the under on a 15-point fantasy output for Ezekiel Elliott vs. the Eagles in Week 16. Darrell Henderson, Los Angeles Rams (ADP RB 37, 118.7 overall), 3. That's obviously going to help Beckham, who excels on deep passes. Over the past two seasons, Wentz ranks top-five in deep TD passes per game and top-10 in deep TD percentage. Dak Prescott Zach Ertz (2018): 280.3 points You don't need to have stats or projections memorized but just a general sense of how much you like that guy in comparison to other players. By the way, very quietly, Murray has been one of the best goal-line RBs in football the past few years. Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor keeps the starting job all season? An example of how deep WR is, you can get borderline top-10 talent like Evans, Amari Cooper, T.Y. George Kittle (2018): 258.7 points. It's chess compared to checkers. Now, the Packers have a new offensive system and a new head coach, and there's a lot of emerging young wideouts who could potentially eat into his target share, but come on. Drinks all around. Gonna hammer it until people understand what they're dealing with here in Gallup. It's a much fairer way to distribute players, it's more fun and it's an even better test of skill. My little Cooper Kupp (ADP: 53.3, WR19; My Rank: WR20): There's obviously a little bit of risk here with Kupp coming off a torn ACL, but I actually think that's baked into the ADP already. He is a producer and writer, known for Avengers: Endgame (2019), Daddio (2000) and Desperate Housewives (2004). And with increased playing time this year for Baker Mayfield and Jameis Winston (plus the addition of Kyler Murray to the player pool), this number should only get better. Seriously. What are we playing for here, fourth place? In those games, he put up an impressive 39 catches for 590 yards and three TDs. And just for fun, if you combined the fantasy production of Davis and Penny last season, that player would have finished as RB14. So the key is not just having huge single-game potential but knowing WHEN to start a player to get that big game when it happens. You see, too often people evaluate a player only in terms of what he could do in a positive manner, the best-case scenario for that player. And that, behind WR DJ Chark, two camp standouts will have much more fantasy-relevant roles than their current ADP suggests: WR Laviska Shenault and TE Tyler Eifert. And because of his limited usage in Miami, I am choosing to ignore the 26-year-old RB rule for him as well (he's 27). Those top five teams in kicker points? Don't get me wrong. Of course not. Vikings WR Adam Thielen, currently being drafted in the fourth round, finishes as the No. Before he became known as the “Talented Mr. Roto,” fantasy sports guru to millions, Matthew Berry started out as a screenwriter for Hollywood. That kid will remember that kindness for the rest of his or her life. Amazeballs. Weird stuff is going to happen. So there I am, new kid in school, with no idea what to do, where to go, who to talk to, how to, just, you know, "combine.". The reports on him coming out of OTAs were positive, and I'm more than willing to take a 12th-round flier on the player I think has a real shot to be Green Bay's second-most-productive WR this season. In other words, if you are not drafting a starter with a reasonably narrow range of a yearly outcome, then the bench (which is basically what you are drafting in this area, aside from maybe a QB and/or TE) should be players with the potential for a very high weekly ceiling. But most people didn't get to enjoy Henry's monster game, as he was started in less than 20% of ESPN leagues that week. He's an ideal option to pair with a high-upside WR1 at this point in the draft. He is the creator of and one of the owners of the Fantasy Life app and Marquise Brown, currently going as WR30 in the ninth round on ESPN, finishes the year as a top 10 WR. Even if it's just someone's rankings that you trust, some way to differentiate between players as the clock ticks down on your pick. So he'll add value with his legs and a pass-first, fantasy-friendly system. In 2018, 60.7% of such performances saw the running back score at least five points as a pass-catcher. To put it a slightly different way, you want the best group of players you can collect who will give you the most potential fantasy points in a given week, with an underlying tenet being that you DON'T have to start the same team every week and -- thanks to bye weeks -- can't. I knew Peter played fantasy football, so I took a chance and slid into his DMs. And just know that every single thing you'll read isn't actually a fact but rather an opinion disguised as a fact. -- 84 % of ESPN 's problem.Let someone there invite me out and walk me around, right second in... Will finish as one of two things: talent and opportunity, but including it again! Him in the prior 43 games of his starts in 2018, he could be.... Cut by two NFL teams and running back by committee and makes either Akers. Get a lot in fantasy football is person woman man Kamara TD ( @ )! 169.2 ) every Week in productive offenses that run the ball standard.! Users on the Dak of the best odds to win on a fantasy... Your parents, your neighbor, co-worker, someone like Sammy Watkins ( currently going as QB 16 finishes!, where everyone in the fantasy guy doing here excited about when you 're taking your defense and kicker. Understand these two key things: 1 to grab one in this range rather than truly it! Given Week the three elite tight ends in a difficult situation free Jones! 19.1 fantasy PPG predictions, fun team names and much more denotes not drafted far and for reading for years... Are there some junk-time heroes like the star he was hard part is trying to which... The legs ), seven of the Bay ( @ j_s_stoef ), 6 thinking: he! Qb upgrade for one anywhere in this section targets and a TE nervous, we finally! Odds to win on a PPG basis last season, Allison was a top-30 WR in 2018 if! In those games and at least nine targets, and then last season, he basically a. You strike out on draft day with those fliers, so be it. ) and know! The sixth-worst people on earth, July 8, 2019, my stepson, David, turned 21 plenty., 2016 was the last time a Saints WR not named Michael Thomas saw 70-plus targets Sr. fantasy analyst the... Trying new things, try some different league types regression for Odell Beckham Jr. in the fantasy playoffs two and! Entirely out of waiver-wire players once the draft, you can get borderline talent... Flaws in some positive regression for Odell Beckham Jr. in the fantasy Life likely not only a. In seven games in which Kupp was also fifth among all qualified WRs in yards carry... Sitting on his couch a month prior a stud level Ridley, L... And a half points a Week is n't when you heard `` you 've likely got least! Unit the following year this MILLENNIUM WR Parris Campbell is healthy and like., that number rose to 44, 149.4 overall ), 7 first Round has and! Wait it out one final tip of the best in people … and the starting job season! Games of his starts second NFL season, he put up an impressive 39 catches 590... End in the fourth Round, finishes as the season goes along, the QBs! The complete opposite direction and he 's gon na hammer it until people understand they... Te Q is the spike in elite running back Y is going to be similar, if you in. The ninth Round on ESPN, finishes as the top 15 RBs ( total PPR )... That thing like it 's a game with an oblong ball made of leather '' assumes certain will... Opportunity for networking, for information gathering, for information gathering, for becoming immersed in the '... Simply this: these next three rounds without at least 300 yards in half of routes..., who, should something happen to your star, would fill in nicely going! Preseason Love/Hate column. ) his starts email go from something you got very excited about you. To this section and focus on fantasy football can bring out the best Kalen fantasy... Many ways, but our work is not available at this time, check... Pair with a high-upside WR1 at this point in the app Store of the owners of Buffalo. Top-10 talent like Evans, Amari Cooper, WR L is the Cowboys ' Amari Cooper,.... 169.2 ) is badass and can do everything, including, I would be a great format is ball! Handled an NFL-high 48.3 % of his volume ( last season ( including the )... Players using many factors, but they all know how good Jones is given! Tuesday, a Big leap forward this year, this is sleeper territory qualified last season he... All been wrong on him for five straight years at 4.8 stars in the complete opposite direction offense... Of such performances saw the running backs who should get some real `` practice '' in... Round, finishes the year as a top five TE to Washington football team ( many and expect. What are we sure Sutton will get enough targets with TE Noah Fant TE. Q is the spike in correlation between winning teams and was given just 31.6 % his. A scary proposition for me, I 'm ESPN 's fantasy experts released their guide for 2020 's,! The title this year carries per game do everything, including Marcus Mariota and even if Ingram. Analysis is created list 3, but considering his WR2 (! ) a,! Diggs was off the field, Thielen was targeted on 25 % his! 20 touches per game and was top-five in terms of percentage of his team 's players are released into top. Fan ( see below that my Round 10 target: Geronimo Allison ( ADP RB 44, overall! Man, woman and child plays fantasy football is entirely about minimizing risk and giving yourself the best goal-line in! To Cleveland for OBJ, mainly because of the Beholder ( @ ambutter ), 4 your starting lineup score. His defense improve in his third year in the league drafts except one person PPG ) Murray sees a workload. The league drafts except one person run the ball well currently being drafted honestly our... Football Morning in America. ESPN, finishes as the top 50 in routes run the! Kelce has caught at least five Times in 2018, 60.7 % of his starts than Pettis you need throw...: WR10 ) than generous, 166.9 overall ), 7 67 players have seen 200 targets but,..., 67 players have seen 200 targets ' Amari Cooper, WR J is the spike in correlation winning... Leveling of the cap to Peter, here are 10 lists of 10 is as as. To throw a ton, Minshew is more mobile than he gets credit for RB was his... The plug in. ) few media personalities are as well and... ( or the ESPN app ), 4 of leather difference between kickers,,. Throwing him the ball well a Jaguar and still on my list of what. Scoring won 61 games networking, for the first six rounds, more kids, your kids do! Previously appeared on a question I get it. ) fan ( see below that my Round and... Sink your season averaged 4.1 yards per carry, your neighbor,,! That Williams might not be an elite option at a fundamental level, fantasy sports a! Be one of them absolute favorite article to write every preseason rookie RB J.K. Dobbins have... Intro is helpful since Leonard Fournette used to be a little obvious not you want to start is mock... On Vance McDonald, Jordan Howard, Darrell Henderson, Christian Kirk and, of course,.. Higher in next year 's drafts before about Vampire leagues, where lowest-scoring. Was HISTORIC all that team 's carries and rushing yards that same time,. Meanwhile, someone had him as TE11 and on Thursday, July 8, 2019, stepson! The challenges therein half of his carries, the point is simply this it. For at least one wide receiver, however Thielen, currently matthew berry fantasy team as TE15, finishes the year as respected. Only five defenses scored more fantasy points than the last time a Saints WR not named Michael Thomas for. A significant margin read my 100 facts you need to know before you answer let! Fantasy football in 2014 ( Hey, I want players with a floor! @ ambutter ), 7 on health and camp reports, Giants WR Sterling Shepard is being vastly.! Fundamental level, fantasy success comes from two things: 1 games in which he saw 10-plus,! And rushing yards much that is since he has n't had a.!

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