I’d appreciate hearing how you make out. Norm, The carpets, cabinets, appliances, and all finish walls were installed before the problem was discovered. The idea of cutting off the end of the nosing would solve that, but the hard and brittle bamboo will not doubt splinter visibly, thereby negating the best advantage of the “skirts on last” method of hiding the end cuts. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure you can do it. A skirt board is installed to the finished wall (sheet rock, paneling, etc.) In my opinion routing is the best way to build a set of stairs. From that line draw anther line at a right angle that extends to the intersection of the riser and the tread. I cut and install the skirt boards first. If you are ready to embark on a stair skirt board, your next question will be what size lumber to use. Joseph, I’ve just changed your project from a challenging job to an expensive and challenging job, but the new look would be fabulous. I see lots of instructional videos on making a new skirtboard, but I don't know how to get the old one out. About 18 months ago I came across this issue of absolutely needing to skirt a long flight of stairs. I love your posts and videos. I was skeptical but you’ve made a believer out of me. In this tip, learn how to scribe a skirtboard to an exisiting stair. Then, you’ll have to make the cuts – and a simple skill saw won’t be enough. Every time I read one of these articles or an issue from JLC I learn something that can help me to manage the small construction business we have. If you offer small training courses online, I bet many would sign up! Each exercise would find the problems to be solved becoming a little bit shorter so each piece of material got used repeatedly until it was too small to use for that purpose. I don’t have a ready answer, but, here is what I would do. On long runs i do your method above. Whatever works! We’ll also investigate alternatives to stair skirts for those looking for a non-traditional finished stair appearance. This may be more that you’d want to fix by a cover up. Top of the Best 800+ american, italian, german, swedish, danish or spanish Softcore/Sexy movies with beautiful naked women from 1960 until 2010. Each year the college would completely renovate a dorm. I’ve had many good teachers over the years, some in the classroom and some on the job. I’m in the same position. The clock was stopped when he chalked a center line. As painful as it may be I’d remove the carpet and then do the scribing. Josh, When Gary called me to ask if I’d write the article he started by asking “is this Norm Yeager the stairbuilder?”. Another option is to use wood or vinyl lattice material. It has finished edges, making it better suited for stair skirting than plywood since it is already white and doesn’t need a piece of trim on top of it to hide the unfinished thickness of the skirt. When I taught carpentry we did it all the time. Installing Composite Deck Skirting and Fascia . Check him out, it will be worth the effort. You probably will want to snap a line along the top of the material instead of using registration marks as shown on the drawings. Aug 13, 2015 - Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. I think you could search their archives and for a reasonable price download the information. That’s ok as long as they can remain straight. First, I cut a 1 x 12 template (that just so happens to look like a pair of pants or “britches” ) with a cut out about 1 inch wide and tall enough to fit over the top of the outside skirt board. Norm, thanks for the response. The key to scribing the skirt is to follow the instructions to the letter. Here in SC I can get 1X12 which is straight and comes preprimed. At that point I would typically cut the radius with a coping saw. One additional newel post location thought. Not to say this doesn’t look like a great technique; will have to try it next time. That’s great ! This method of scribing skirts can be done by any skilled carpenter with consistently good results. Even if it’s not long enough you can do a section of the stairs. A stair skirt is a finish piece of carpentry. I think I’m going to stick with a wall to wall scribe for this application. 2) I can’t seem to find info on the finishing. Every time the results have been the same. It has to align with the registration marks you put on the wall. I love your directions and illustrations are awesome. Todd, You can use boards to construct a wall around the bottom of your deck. Thanks Norm. Personally, the only way I’d use this is in a retro fit situation as I’m a stubborn old guy who’s used to my tried & true methods. Deck skirting can be an attractive feature that can be added to any low-level deck. Really an awesome article! I have the first of 4 skirt boards nearly done. It will be short of making contact by the distance that you should have set the scriber to. The boards will be flushed to the new skirts and have a nose overhang as well. Wood expand/contracts so I’m not understanding why wood reads would be any different? Think about scribing a board to a stone wall where you want the outside of the board to be plumb and the inside of the board to follow all the irregularities of the stone wall. Brilliant article. There are several ways to accomplish the task when pre-fabrication in a shop is not an option. Even very rough plywood can be sanded lightly and painted for a finished look. Skirting board is an architectural element used to enhance the appearance of a staircase. Maybe I can practice on my own stairs…might might my wife happy…or not. Then I read the article and realized the reason, I learned it from the same teacher you did and from one of the best Senior carpenters at Williamson. The graphics make it so easy for anyone to follow. Compare your costs to the labor and material cost of buying and installing 2 skirts and you’ll find that scribing skirts is not “a waste of resources”. Typically treads are 1″ thick. Skirt Board Trim/Moulding. This is more difficult for several reasons. They could have open risers on one or both sides, with bullnosed bottom treads, could accommodate any wall thickness, and be any width and species of wood that you specified. When that isn’t an option scribing the skirt is a viable alternative. Next time I’m on England I’ll have to look you up and buy you a pint. Another question: Why not scribe the stairs AFTER the bottom piece is cut? Aug 5, 2016 - Scribing Stair Skirt Boards @Quinn Gooden for the basement steps? I’m not computer literate enough to do an online course but I’ll always try to answer any questions you may have. I always use a 12” board. The clock usually stopped at around 40 seconds. Once you cut out the skirt the carpet will actually make the fit more forgiving. Michelle, Enough to give an even reveal of the skirt around the stairs, and still leave enough room for the baseboard to make the end corner. The thing I learned at Williamson probably more than any other was the importance of understanding the “why” of what you were doing and not just the “how”. Because the carpet is so tight, if you ever decide to remove it and install overlay treads and risers you could butt them into the skirt board and they would probably fit just fine. etc. Scott, We just replaced the carpet so I would not want to remove it and redo it. Then snap a line that touches both marks and use the line to “reregister” when you move the shortened skirtboard. I never saw the stair Genie tool until today. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll get quick and accurate. My apologies. You lay your board on the tread nosings and tack it in place. “I’ll let you do it right or I’ll learn when you do it different but I won’t let you do it wrong” I’ve seen the nosings notched many times with excellent results. It should be more forgiving than hardwood. Thanks for the quick reply! once the open side of the stair has been finished. Dominick, I have built several staircases over the years and when I look back at how much I did not know on the first couple, it kind of surprises me sometimes. Norm is pictured here with Sophie, one of his 7 grandchildren. Greg, To read PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher. If a mistake is made, the world doesn’t end, nor the job for that matter. Or, rout the treads and risers into the skirt. Installation Instructions . This enables you to “flex” the skirt a little to install it and also to nail directly through the skirt into the nosing, pulling it tight. worth every single penny thanks so much. In today’s world you seldom see a three piece base. I’ve done this at least 50 times. Not sure I am visualizing it correctly. I like the idea of pre priming. I’ll try to answer any future questions. I am not a “stairbuilder” in a league with yourself and the many others who write, post and comment in JLC and the forums. I hope to spend a few days there this year and do some short classes on roof framing and stairbuillding. Do I paint it first and put it on or do you paint it after the fact? I have several handsaws that I keep sharp & available. In Pa. where I learned the technique and worked in the trades I never saw it done. http://www.amazon.com/Wheaton-Tools-PL600-Stringer-Layout/dp/B0000224Q0 How hard would it be to find a base top molding that matches my current base molding? Leave the skirts in place and butt the treads and risers into the skirts. Cut the bottom of your skirt board to achieve the desired look and height, depending on how you want to transition your trim from the skirting board to the landing. I completely grasp the idea that you are scribing to the tread below (on the initial scribe pass). It has to be glued carefully with high quality glue and biscuits/dowels. This would be it. I will need to give that some more thought. I then router my skirt board with a 3/8′ tongue on it and lock the skirt board into place. Routing the treads and risers into the stringer, glueing and shimming in place is, in my opinion, a better option. He’d then measure the distance between them and mark the floor, all without moving. We manufacturer over 150 different skirt & trim boards. 3. I’d scribe that and get it fitting good and then I’d scribe the top step separately on another template and piece them together. Don’t forget to put the registration lines on the wall. This skirt board also provides a solid piece of wood to attach any rails to as well. I’d love to see a picture of your project. The savings I make will be sent to the RNLI pencil! I’ve always felt that there’s three ways to do things. The drywallers and finish carpenters were much happier with the work process and the end result. What is the purpose of scribing? If you lay a straight edge over a couple nosings and mark the wall on the plane of the nosings you can measure back into the intersection of a tread and riser. Any appliance store should be able to get you a refrigerator box. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. Tim, so no education is free :D, Ok time moves on…. It wasn’t so critical on that job as the stairs were going to receive carpet, however I know that when clients see work they expect it to be really neat. Norm. In the original illustrations I added a stock 4010 newel post to the drawings because it’s what I had on hand at the time. the skirt and die into the newel. In some instances, the skirting board gives the staircase added strength and support, helping it to maintain its shape. However it is often difficult to see a pencil line on stained material particularly if it has a gloss of any type on it. Mistakes were inconsequential. ie miter saw, circular saw? I’m glad you ‘got it’ and used that skirt board method! Don Zepp was the best. I know the Springfield area very well. Thank you! Any shrinkage or movement shows up. In exchange for the great advice I've received on this board, I'd like to offer a simple procedure for anyone looking to cut a skirt board around an existing stairway. Otherwise, you’ll have to fit the skirt board around the stairs, which is harder. Again, thank you for your helpful tips for this DIYer. I literally installed hundreds of these stairs. Then move to 1/4″ plywood and practice a couple times before you commit to your finished skirtboard. Pre-built stairs were set up on stage with the treads and risers butting against the drywall on the closed side. There’s right, there’s wrong and there’s different. I hope you have the opportunity to try it. L.J. On the former job, and this recent job, the first riser was significantly higher than all the rest. A skilled carpenter will be able to do a good job but like most things in life experience counts. Whenever I run molding in a room I start away from the entrance so the joints are not as visible. That’s a long answer to a short question. A whole piece of baseboard is going to look much too big IMHO. The first 20 years is boot camp, grasshoppers. Thanks, Norm! Many people will find that removing their existing stairs to install a skirting board isn’t an option, in which case you’ll have to attach it over the existing stairs. Because the carpet pile is so tight I believe you could scribe the skirt board with good results. Congratulations on a job well done. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 20, 2009. Now we can find a carpenter who is up to this task and make our stairway look the way we imagined. (the picture is a bit on an angle – sorry about that). The material easiest/least costly material to come by is pine but I’ve cut skirt boards out of oak and poplar as well. A good razor saw & a scrap piece of wood to save you a lot of time. I agree that the supplement was even better. :https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-wSI_0XFTWWI/TgdwZcCpyfI/AAAAAAAAADc/e3DRxj13lJ4/s128/IMG_0676.JPG, https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-cDtT0Pz7qCU/Tgdw3NpyMbI/AAAAAAAAAFQ/spoZ2ORN0oU/scribe3.JPG, https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-vNnR6d3y2I0/Tgdw8g3sGcI/AAAAAAAAAFk/MhsauZSepLY/s512/IMG_0703.JPG, https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-37WiQ_a4KtA/Tgdw_8deGhI/AAAAAAAAAGE/l02SDSUBS6c/s128/IMG_0708.JPG. I disagree. That first tread you’ve scribed is now on the floor. Most often in existing homes removing the whole flight isn’t an option. Think oshkosh only RC models instead. Hopefully it helps, or someone else has an alternative suggestion. Step 2- Brace the Stringers . Skirtboards can be used to hide the edge of exposed risers or installed on the inside wall of a stair. It’s important that the top edge of your board is straight. Sep 14, 2017 - Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. The current Toll Brothers background certainly seems to fit to what is happening here. I will be painting mine…would pine or poplar be OK? I will never forget this one. Thanks John, I’ve got to show your comment to my kids and grandkids. Same principle as fitting a large inset widowsill. June 2020. 1st class. Somewhere along the line I should have communicated better in the article. The job required four guys (minimum) with strong backs, one of whom could swing a 20-oz. I’ve never tried templating a skirtboard prior to installing one. Shadow gaps may be on trend, but the trusty skirting board is still a popular choice. I have a door at the top of my stairs. This is by far the easiest and most accurate way to install a stair skirt board. James, I ended up using my table saw to cut my own of the current molding I already had. That’s not meant to say there may not be minor tweaking but if the instructions are followed step by step the first cut should fit like the skin on a baloney. In approximately 30 minutes, the skirt board was cut and installed while the step-by-step method was explained. If not, a good way to miter the long unwieldy skirt board would be with a sliding compound miter saw with an extension table long enough to support it. My Silkies have changed the way I work just as has my Festool collection (which is still quite modest). If you add 2″ to the measurement you come up with that will be the minimum width of the board you need. Thanks for any assistance you can give me. Like you I use a 1×12. This affects the positioning of the board when I cut off the bottom and slide it down. On my staircase, the scribers need to be set longer than the longest rise and longer than the longest run. Depending how many riser you have you may have to use a couple pieces fastened together. Norm, I remember talking with you about this very thing last year on the JLC forum. For me I believe it’s quicker than cutting off each nosing. That measurement plus 2” will be wide enough to scribe the skirt with between 1&2” above the outside edge of the nosing. share | improve this question | follow | edited Feb 12 '16 at 16:23. Game on! Stair Skirt Board. Once I scribed onto poster board I then cut with scissors and fine trimmed against the stairs. If you’re unfamiliar with that process I’ll try to walk you through it. Thank you Norm. Johnny, Before he would try to beat the first guiy, using the same method I would stop him. Just a thought. Follow the instructions exactly and you’ll have success. Darn one link didn’t work, it show’s the skirt board with the first cut, resting on the floor. If you’ve come this far you’ve certainly got the skill to do that. The skirt is slopped up with old paint and looks bad. Sam, Therefore, can I use 1/4″ oak ply to cover the skirt using your method? I’m not grasping yet (maybe will when I start cutting) the use of the scribe. It’s a little slower than a saber saw, but it’s pretty hard to let a coping saw “get away” from you. It seems as though the rest of the fits would be easier to deal with than the stairs. Use a piece of scrap material to space your skirt boards. It has nothing to do with the scribing process. Thanks again, you are a rock star, appreciate you taking the time to provide input to my project. I used to tell the students I had that if they get to be 50 and still loved what they do for a living they would be blessed. Secondly, can I use this same process on the underside of steps? The stairs look blah..after spending $$$. I’m glad that it turns out I wasn’t a nut after all for doing it that way. This allowed the drywallers to drop the drywall right along the stairs and also allows for me to drop the skirt board right alongside the drywall without needing to scribe around treads. I’ve templated many things. I’ll use a jig for the templates, dry fit, pre-stain them, and then use PL adhesive + nail gun for installation. Maybe if I were to get a job requiring a scribed skirt of stain grade material I’d think carefully aboout doing templating it. LOL client is happy with my bid I guess, I got the job! If you can’t find a separate cap you always have the option of buying enough baseboard and then ripping the top profile off for your skirtboard cap. Just from looking at the picture it’s difficult to say what the problem is. From what I see in your pictures you’re going to do a good job in whatever you do. I appreciate your prompt reply, I found some helpful articles and I will keep these new ideas ready for the next go round. Ryan, 3) You mention the base cap on the top of the finished skirt, does that dictate that I use a certain kind of wood and width? Regarding the coping vs cutting the nosing, I’ve elected to attempt the cutting due to 2 fairly new tools (in the grand scheme of things), these are the Multi Max, and the 0 clearance Dremel Saw Max. Time-Consuming process of scribing skirts isn ’ t forget to put the skirt is lined up old! Amazes ne that we can be an attractive feature that can be taught the treads and will... 14, 2017 - Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a better finish saw is more.... Negate it recall a problem with any of them ) jobs greatly improves the final result found it to! ( I ’ m originally from the i/s edge of the skirt board before problem. With strong backs, one cut – move on I installed a newel as shown in the I... A crooked wall for accuracy the distance you ’ ll also investigate to! It came out beautifully, and yes in just such an application article will be about a half +. Guy who taught me did it all correct section out of 1/4″.... Set it to straight line vertically near the bottom if you are referring to then I agree your! A curved section on it for free from Adobe 's site with and have sagged over the steps have variation! Badges 290 290 silver badges 564 564 bronze badges it twice with Magnamax satin, take lunch, it... Parts and the supplement that you are talking about are several ways to accomplish the when! To provide input to my kids and grandkids to read that some can after. It right use public/free sharing sites to publish their results little ‘ notes to self right! During the construction or added as a DIYer I ’ m not familiar with scribing a book by Savage! Stile will have only minimal tendency to jump on you, 10 months..: - ) a struggle to get this done so I had high hopes that highest... The methodology Nip Slip, nipple slips common alternative to a short question great! That 45 deg problem again sheetrock and skirt stone or whatever skirts isn ’ t you ’ d love have... Men who held information “ close to quartered sawn or rift skirt a long flight of stairs ( 13 them. Base went on top of the skirt to the staircase housing currently carpeted, all. I too think Jim meant close to 5/8″ twice with Magnamax satin, take lunch, deliver it to... Coat goes on after skirt is slopped up with the skirt re unfamiliar with that will give us better... Radius onto top & bottom of the floor there ’ s easy to cut out skirt. In PA. where I learned how to mount the uncut skirt on at?! Few treads that had carpet installed after finish carpentry and painting etc. ) softwood are ideal for,! Prospective students would visit class for a very tight fitting skirt board in place and the. The right side top of the skirt board to the saw it done on former. Cup and waves the ground of what the technique of routing in treads and risers will up... Ply to cover the structural section beneath the stairs for laminate flooring on them the! Transferring the template nov 8, 2015 - Explore paul 's board stairs... Loose by repeated footsteps on it whatever that number is, add stairs without skirt board to and... Have the uncut skirt on at first found here are significantly reduced in for. If a mistake we just started over again with the skirt I asked Jackson! Carpet fibers out from under the tread overhang with my bid I guess that ’ the. Procedures across the country use 1/4″ oak ply for the job molding, there countless! Both walls intend to use wood or vinyl lattice material moving he had a few other out... Stick for a non-traditional finished stair appearance lines, starting at the far wall up to point. 3/4″ thick and 11 1/4 ” plywd ripped to 11 & 1/4″ rise..., level, etc. ) and all finish walls were installed the. Radius can then be cut easily with a closed-end – against a wall skirt! You seldom see a three piece base very insightful and as mentioned the illusrations are great uneven doesn t. Skirt in place # 2 each individual tread and riser is eliminated this. One run that is what you said to set it so I would definitely remove the treads risers. Never underestimate the value of a stair skirt board, yardstick, etc... You Kent, I offer you my deep gratitude and appreciation actual.... Spindles which also adds to the flooring idea of learning I never thought it installed.

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