Our infrastructure division has been committed in providing quality service and on time delivery with each project we have undertaken thus far. It is through proper realization of client goals and objectives and orchestrating our skills to match expectations that we manage to upkeep such quality. Our team comprises of those who hold deep knowledge of the construction world and are capable to adjust to its shifting business climate.

We hold huge experience in the construction of office buildings, retail, medical facilities and undertake renovation or expansion projects as well. We do a complete land study before we begin work and take into account the overall budget before we get to the floor plans and blue print to avoid unnecessary hiccups during the construction process. We have not overshot a delivery date yet and our attention to details helps keep quality till completion and handover.From the first meeting till the finished product our managers and team take accountability and monitor progress.

Industry Forecast

The infrastructure and construction industry has been experiencing a boom recently, with the rise in income levels and changing life styles. With the number of constructions growing around the city, there has been recognized a need to preserve the environment.To address this need Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-rated green buildings in India has been adopted.

The response to this has been tremendous so much so that Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) predicts a substantial increase in green buildings by 2014. $40 billion has been the projected market potential for green building material and technologies. The growth has demanded governing bodies to include a minimum number of green features for buildings today within the city.