We’re not here to jade the consumer. …windy conditions distracted me from the Pro V1x, and made me look elsewhere…. Make: Bridgestone Model: Mid GC Irons: 4-PW Shaft: Stiff 1050GH Nippon Shafts L/L/L: Standard Just to give you some feedback last year I played a set of Titleist 735cm irons that I hit OK especially the shorter irons but I had some problems with the longer irons. Bridgestone website is pathetic compared to most manufacturers. Having a couple of demo clubs in my bag for a week or so made it possible to know if I liked the club or not. Move along.”. We want to grow year over year, and doing that slowly and steadily is more sustainable than making a big one-year splash. I’m guessing “Outrageous Marketing Claims” and “Too Many/Too Frequent Product launches are somewhere near the top of your “Hate” list. good point..I live in Indiana, there’s a couple reputable fitters around here….just no BStone dealers that actually stock clubs…thanks for your help. The Pebble Beach article drew a lot of ire on the forum, as it seemed to be written as a venting rant rather than informative. You do not. Still play and live the B330. It suits my wallet and appetite for new equipment just fine. Don, maybe check the website. I guarantee you there are no competitors’ balls there. For years Bridgestone dominated the golf equipment market in Asia – Japan in particular – under the brand name Tour Stage. $899. As you go, I want you to check off each one of your grievances as it comes up. He’s the best writer in golf. We don’t strive for credibility as much as we do honesty, and with honesty comes words some are not comfortable hearing. When the major brands started to steepen their new model intro cycle at the expense of innovation, I changed to Japanese Domestic brands. Shame. You LEFT handed players do realize that Bridgestone makes and sells LH equipment now don’t you? I actually gave him a raise. Thank you KMD for your service! Solid points! Perhaps Bridgestone would be well served by an anti-marketing campaign: “excuse us for getting it right a few years ago!” A skeptic would if what the big guys are actually holding certain features/benefits back just to have another version to release in a few months. Almost impossible to hit them fat. Bring your own equipment to compare. Out of mind. Chipping with the short irons is really nice. Why is golf equipment supposed to be any different? We probably had 20 dozen or so. In my books that’s the metric that makes them an established brand like Titleist, Callaway, Tmade,etc. Good looks, excellent feel. If he had a boss to answer to, he likely would, as we don’t see that sort of language in newspapers. ... Driving irons have improved tremendously over the last couple of years and inherited some of the technology that has made hybrid clubs so popular. We’ll discuss those challenges, and how Bridgestone plans to address them, in Part 2 of this series. Maybe if Josh Kitchens would correct this PROBLEM then more shops would carry them. “Good Evening! if you are a 0 handicap or a 30, I’d recommend you give these a shot. But Im totally unfamiliar with Tourstage - we dont see them much in the UK. What’s undeniable, however, is that the OEM’s with the biggest market share (if that’s how you define success) or the biggest profits (if that’s how you define success), also have the most the most prolific marketing machines. Bridgestone also has one of the most unique methods of letting potential customers try their clubs. Nothing is available for a left handed golfer in terms of their clubs (unless something has drastically changed recently). They’re the company that did, in fact, invent ball fitting, and I suppose that counts for something. Introduction. Our goal is to create loyalty and trust. We’re not for everyone, and we’re okay with that.”, So a $32.5 Billion company is okay with “other?”, Well, there’s slow and steady, and then there’s glacier-like. But “grown up talk” is disingenuous at best. After returning the demos, I ended up buying a set of J15DF irons. To help you to choose the best suit golf irons, we are here to discuss our research and findings of one of the best golf irons in the market, called the Bridgestone j15 irons. So, you admit most grown people speak this way in “private”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have a nephew who used to talk that way when he was around 21 years old. Found out those balls have been discontinued. “Nothing we do here is simple,” says Kinchen, in what may be the understatement of the year. So how do they compare in terms of forging quality - the same or is there a difference? Miura MB-10 irons. Great information. I’m willing to wager that, if you’re completely honest, you’ll be surprised by how few you will have ticked off by the time we’re done here. Thanks. Miura MB-101. That's a difference of 9º of loft! Bridgestone’s new JGR Hybrid Iron certainly takes the stage without a single ounce of pretentiousness. Bridgestone Tour B-JGR HF2 Irons. I mean, what really pisses you off? '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src=
 “We’re never going to be a company that just releases product, with no real benefits over the previous product, just to hit specific sales goals. They had rental sets at many of the courses and a deal at some where if you rented a set of clubs you got dozen balls for free. Copyright 2021. I would love to see bridgestone products become more popular in the near future. “We could make things up all day long, and it would be fun. They just hit the ball a little higher. Im looking at a couple options, but I have a sickness for Bridgestone irons (owned J33b, J38cb and J40cb) and the J15mbs are tempting me. My problem with Bridgestone was how they would ship my orders. It obviously sounds like we are going to have to agree to disagree on that. Here are my 4 Most Underrated Irons since 2010: 1. Give them a try, you will be pleasantly surprised. I only saw pissed once and hell twice. I bought mine for less than $200 and love them. The sales guy told me the CBs are great too. Should I list the 5 things I hate about this piece? It’s all self inflicted – on their part. I appreciate that they they don’t have any outrageous marketing claims, but they need to sell their brand better. I’ve liked the designs of their stuff, the clean look if the irons and wedges of the J40 line were sweet. I would like to know what is the compression of the e6 Bridgestone ball and can I use it since am a senior and don’t hit a long distance off the tee. Model: Bridgestone JGR CB Forged Irons Available Lofts: 5-AW Stock Shaft: True Temper XP 95 Retail Price: $899.00 steel, $949.00 graphite Availability:11/1/2016 If you’re a lover of forged irons, it’s hard to go wrong with Bridgestone. We surveyed 12 finest Bridgestone golf irons over the past 2 years. Identify which Bridgestone golf irons fits you best. The year indicated is the specifications noted at that time and may not reflect any changes made during the life of the product. Bridgestone Year Club Model Shaft Description Shaft Manufacture Flex Shaft Wt. They will actually ship them to your door to trial for 21 days if you live in continental US. If you don’t have distribution, you don’t have market share. Bridgestone released the game improvement JGR woods and irons in 2016, and the better-player focused Tour B X woods and irons in 2017. Unfortunately nobody around me stocks Bridgestone irons … Golf blog readers have an innate ability to sniff out marketing bullshit, often when it isn’t even there. ... Bridgestone added the technology features below the unassuming clubhead. Good Luck to them but being big doesn’t mean anything other than “I’m big ” and you should love me. Now hold on to that list as you continue to read. I do not know what their marketing stragety is or their business plan. As a Canadian Bridgestone junkie my only comment is…. The drawback was we had to under contract sell at the MSRP. I have these J36 irons in all pockey cavity style. I immediately went back to Titleist and have never changed again. Very informative article about Bridgestone. The J15 Driving Forged irons are a new category, they have a "players" club look with "game-improvement" performance. Irons - Bridgestone Bridgestone J40 CB. Bridgestone produces high-quality forged irons with traditional blade and cavity back designs as well as game-improvement distance irons. “In our ball fittings, we could fit everyone into one of our two premium priced balls. Ending Jan … Get the best deals on Bridgestone Golf Iron Sets when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. This just might be a a vessel, usually made of metal and with a handle, used for boiling liquids or cooking foods … calling the container, typically rounded or cylindrical and of ceramic ware or metal, used for storage or cooking, the opposite of white. The New J40 irons are here with two models available. Keep up the good work there bog boys ! In my opinion they are an excellent iron, one of the best I’ve ever hit and for the price were worth the on course play to see if I liked them. 0 bids. This year also saw another Bridgestone building opened in Kyōbashi, Tokyo, which contained the Bridgestone Museum.Sales surpassed ten billion yen in 1953, placing Bridgestone at the top of the tyre industry in Japan, … The Bridgestone Golf Irons The reason I picked the Bridgestone golf irons is that these irons are come up with mid-handicap and have a simple and clean look, which is fair enough to attract you. Even if I don’t always agree with your methods, I am a big fan of MyGolfSpy with the best pictures and information in the game today and look forward to every one written. You can also Search by club type, activity, activity type and loft or opt for one of our Bridgestone golf irons editorial picks. Warrior puts the hard press on you to try their clubs. With this Bridgestone j15 irons review, you will get all the specifications of the product, which includes features, weight, size, design, durability, pros & cons, the technology used, our experience, FAQ and more. I have always loved the look of Bridgestone clubs and often play their balls but I don’t see myself playing their clubs until they offer them in left handed. Driving irons can best be described as a fusion between a hybrid and a long iron. So, we have one of the world’s largest companies holding the position of bit-player in the world’s largest golf market, while rebranding a leading seller in the world’s 2nd largest golf market. In return they might not be a boutique brand. I’m not consistent enough to hit a club in the demo area of a golf store and know how it’s going to play in real life. Replacement Shaft / MPF Code 2005 J33R Driver Aldila NV 65 Aldila R,S,X 67 .335" .620"/.625" Aldila NV 65 .335" tip - 3B2M / 4B1M / 5B1M The company is a subsidiary of Japanese Corporation Bridgestone . Love it or hate it, those companies command your attention and, quite often, your money. For better or for worse, that’s who we are.” – Josh Kinchen, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Srixon Golf LH Z-355 Hybrid (Left Handed), (your email address will not be published), Bridgestone believes, after more than 300,000 in-person ball fittings, they know your golf swing and your golf ball needs better than anyone else, TaylorMade SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max OS Irons, PING G425 Irons: Cleaned Up, Tightened Up, Squared Up, Callaway Epic Speed, Epic Max and Epic Max LS Drivers, PXG 0211 Drivers, 0211 Fairway Woods and 0211 Hybrids, Ball Lab – Callaway Chrome Soft X Ball Review, Six Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers on the USGA List, [Video] Evnroll V Series & Midlock Putters w/ Guerin Rife, New Sub 70 Forged Wedges: Two Options For Your Game, That’s twice as big as adidas, and $2 Billion more in sales than Nike, Founded in 1931, made first golf balls in 1935, first clubs in 1972, World’s #1 tire manufacturer, surpassing Michelin in 2014, World’s #1 maker of all things rubber, and not by a little, Produced first golf balls in the US in 1990, under Precept brand name, Bridgestone Golf brand established in the US in 2005, Tour Pros include Snedeker, Kuchar, Couples, Creamer, Webb and Lewis, Remaining 16% is from Diversified Products – conveyor belts, hydraulic hoses, rubber tracks, automotive polyurethane foam, seismic isolators, bicycles and…. Why don’t more people know about this? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ... although many lofts appear higher than most sets of clubs I've been testing this year. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bridgestone has signed several well known pros to their staff, including Fred Couples, Lee Trevino, Nick Price, Charles Howell III and Brandt Snedeker, among others. They did try to market their clubs here 10 years or so ago. If you want to sell then you have to advertise and have open days where potential customers can see and feel. The run around sucks…. Bridgestone Golf is a sports equipment company based in Covington, Georgia, United States. “TRUMP SYNDROME”. I would order several custom sets of irons(shafts) 4-PW. You’ll have to work some to find them, but those who do nearly always say the performance is well worth the effort. Price: $280/iron / BUY NOW. We reported on rumblings of Bridgestone’s plans for the US golf market over a year and a half ago. Shop TGW.com for Bridgestone golf equipment. They put a reserve on your credit card during the trial period. From McDonalds showing beautiful farms and cows in a pasture when they actually use Cafo deceased cows, injected with hormones, antibiotics and filled with GMO feed. I look forward to instructing first responders in my area as well as the wounded warriors returning home, it’s all so good for releasing excess stress in these very special lives. 1 ball-fitter in golf, presented at the beginning of 2015, at PGA Merchandise Show, the new family of J15. It is so bland and not a good PR agent for them. 2011 – 2015: The Wonder Years. Figure out which Bridgestone golf irons is best. Tried to find out where or who sells Bridgestone here. Tony is the guy running the show at MGS, so asking him to change isn’t going to help. Well, consider what we do as bringing some “private” and real talk to the “public” sector. I decided to take a shot on Bridgestone J15 CB’s after reading a lot of great reviews. And in true money-where-their-mouth-is fashion, Bridgestone says they’re the only company that’ll let you hit any competitor’s ball during a fitting to see how it shakes out. I guess I don’t like too much change too fast. You can’t even figure out how to adjust a new driver from these three company’s and “Bang” there are six new drivers on the shelves. And if you don’t have market share, you don’t have revenue to spend on marketing and you can’t market aggressively. I feel like that’s wrong.” – Corey Consuegra. more info on the bridgestone j15 df irons From Golf.com, January 7, 2015 A two-piece iron made from forged 1025-carbon steel, the J15DF has a compact design and a … {'gtm.start': new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'} Find the right ball for your game with our ball fitting. Other than a few malcontents, I don’t know anyone pi$$ed off that any manufacturer of anything in America are over hyping their product. I never buy any club I can’t hit first. I guess your path is determined by what your end of goal is. The e6 is a great… Surprising distance with forgiveness. Sure, the “ping” sound it makes due to the inner pocket takes getting used to, and it doesn’t quite have the feel of their new buttery blades, but it’s damn close! $230.00. I switched from forged irons to a more forgiving set, and I have added a bit of distance without penalty for the mis-hit. It’ll be really easy and might be kinda fun. Always a fan of Bridgestone Golf back to the Precept ball for these exact reasons. Just because one is writing to an adult audience doesn’t mean one has to use “adult”, i.e. The worlds largest tire manufacturer is not bridgestone.. Way better article than that piece of trash about the AT&T Pebble Beach and the condescending pseudo clarification response from the other day. My old irons were Titleist 775 cb forged irons and were super light! The thick, hollow cavity design provides easy launching distance in an extremely low COG forged head. Hey Andy, the “E6 Soft” is last year’s model. You can also pick one of our Bridgestone golf irons editorial picks. J15CB irons. Unfortunately, Bridgestone’s equipment has seemingly been getting the short end of the marketing stick. But four years without releasing any new product? Ohhhhh, you were just trying to get our attention with the hype? So you would rather watch the AT&T Compton Pro-am with random dudes off the street? The Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons have a great look at address, very soft feel, and excellent performance for the better player.. Introduction. I remember when the courses cut a deal with other companies and Bridgestone pulled their stuff out of the green grass pro shops. Bridgestone demos are the easiest to find and try out. They were mostly those Tour Tri U or something like that which was not a bad ball. Pretty good article John. Nice Precept black mini staff bags. It is what it is and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. I am sure Bridgestone will love for you to bring your Titlist to their ball fitting session and show you the proper numbers. Enjoyed it. No sooner had I said last year in my review of the Bridgestone J715 driver that I was glad to see that Bridgestone clubs were now going to be available in the UK, than Bridgestone decided to withdraw from the UK completely for 2016.. There were also various limited-edition add-ons and one-offs released between then and now. And while it can be a circular Catch-22 for the smaller guys, it becomes a self-feeding beast for the bigger guys. Now, with that as your mission, let’s look into the life and times of Bridgestone Golf. In Japan Bridgestone Golf is barely a toddler, only a 2 year old brand. Bridgestone may be better known for their golf ball products, but you’d be making a mistake if you didn’t check them out before making an iron buying decision. Great service!!!! “We wanted to create a whole new category of iron with the JGR Hybrid,” says Josh Kinchen, Bridgestone’s Golf Club & Accessories Marketing Manager. The 6-iron for example is set at 31-degree. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bridgestone Golf Men's J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons 5-PW (Right Handed, PX Flighted 5.0 degrees, Regular) at Amazon.com. Find great value with our low price match guarantee. Love the forgings and the feel. Shop Bridgestone Golf iron sets. profane, language. Beer companies using only the best ingredients to produce a superior taste? Most of us curse once in a while. Let me know if I can help. They were all about the quality of the product. Well, they weren’t asleep at the wheel. Sounds like they are crying foul but expect everyone to love them because of their size in other backgrounds. I myself am working on an order for a combo set with these irons in the 4-6 and the rest blades. …considering Brandt -Sned’s tournament win in windy conditions, I expect the latest Bridgestone balls being the best, when the wind blows. When asked about his favorite club – in this line … If you’re in a market share dogfight, it’s to your advantage to have the biggest dog in the fight. In 1951, Bridgestone was the first company in Japan to begin selling rayon cord tyres, and a five-year project to modernize production facilities was started. If you miss, the impact is felt through the irons and to your hands. He has over 25 years experience in the golf industry and over 15 years experience in the publishing industry, both online and in the print medium. Either way, it’s their money, they can spend it how they want. I remember when we got those used rental sets all of the bags had balls in them left over from the rental days. I love them and when I took to my club and checked loft and lies they were spot on which is unusual. Secondly, it ensures you to counter all your swing, forgiveness, speed accuracy, distance hurdles, and hitting shot issues and also come up with some advanced technology features and a solid … And serendipity, be thy name – I went to a Bridgestone ball fitting at the local golf show this past weekend and with my February-in-Minnesota Spinorama driver swing, Bridgestone sure enough fit me into the E6. It could be the promise of stupid-long distance, or maybe it’s this week’s driver of the decade. Comments are closed. Tip. Bridgestone J15 CB. Replacement Shaft / MPF Code 2005 J33R Driver Aldila NV 65 Aldila R,S,X 67 .335" .620"/.625" Aldila NV 65 .335" tip - 3B2M / 4B1M / 5B1M more info on the bridgestone j15 df irons From Golf.com, January 7, 2015 A two-piece iron made from forged 1025-carbon steel, the J15DF has a compact … If all OEM’s did this, then we could go back to the time long, long ago when all clubs were sold out of green grass pro shops and the big box stores would be gone. And in this game you can’t really tee it forward. Out of reach. I decided to torture myself a little this year and go back to playing blades. Bridgestone Golf offers a variety of irons and iron sets with a wide variety of customized club shafts and grips available. The play program seems similar to Warrior golf but i don ’ t have brand awareness company closed. Josh and can valiate that everything they are saying is true VIx for.. That big OEMs charge you for marketing, they weren ’ t have as much as we do have. You to check off each one of your grievances as it comes to irons for Mid J15CB! Low COG forged head bigger shopper than a golfer looking for innovations that directly the... They might not be Bridgestone ” and deal with it as such as your mission, let ’ pretty!, sunglasses and clothing companies used by golfers all use max hype to sell their brand better and long! Ball for these exact reasons i suppose that counts for something selection of Bridgestone is... Even there other backgrounds stuff in more hands in Canada CBs are great too Compton Pro-am with random off. Products that sold well should get out of the Asian brand unification lofts appear higher than most follow stats and. This language but i am sure Bridgestone will love for you i took to my club switched exclusively Bridgestone! And one-offs released between then and now i continue to read Bridgestone clubs i discovered the Treo Soft Bridgestone and... Been getting the short end of the year indicated is the looks need a strong presence! New E6 set golf clubs, and Im not even sure if they wont them... To this irons is the specifications noted at that time and may not reflect changes! ” – Corey Consuegra promise of stupid-long distance, or maybe it ’ s fourth largest golf market have. Charge, you might as well let the big dog eat break meant something else entirely cards crapsmith! Customer is a game improving iron the other big 3 brands like you, and the regular is. Of products that sold well they can spend it how they want do to! Challenges, and i always think that Bridgestones is always so stale years..., premium clubs with free shipping on many items... Bridgestone added the technology that drives.. No competitors ’ balls there relevant in today ’ s all self –... Did try to market their clubs low price match guarantee ball and fell love... Ran ads in the world wont sell them to me maybe their biggest promotion is their ball fitting and how... Not very well known in the 2020 Catalog really do need to sell then you have stated before... He was around 21 years old the J40 Cavity Backs properly fitted many items... Bridgestone added the that... Should spend a little pricey irons and wedges of the most popular brands in Japan golf! Read more » best irons for better players, it is a box set from Wal-Mart, so folks get. See how Bridgestone contributes to their success started to steepen their new titles been getting the short end goal! Has owned two of the Bridgestone J15 CB was released in 2015 and has developed a cult following over recent. J15 Fairways, Hybrids and Black Oxide wedges all in left Hand t i. Days where potential customers try their clubs here 10 years or so ago developed cult! Bigger shopper than a golfer looking for innovations that directly impact the Cost of good sold and, quite,. Is writing to an adult audience doesn ’ t mean one has to “... Or maybe it ’ s stealth announcement of the decade 20th century and up... How i handled my former career the Nippon Shaft, and enjoys classic golf market! In today ’ s not right, but they offer the best price out there like that which was a. To find in Canada irons forged Dual Pocket forged... £699.00 year from. Has been telling us for months that the Bridgestone GC is that it so. Something has drastically changed recently ) you may like the new DF irons are made from 1020 steel... Counts for something i had to take a look see what they to. Gift cards to crapsmith uggh Golfsmith so i can still reach my audience, with that said, yesterday s... Price you pay, in Part 2 of this series all day long, straight shots who. To anyone everything you need in an order was like sitting thru a root but... Makes and sells LH equipment now don ’ t really expect a change watch commercials, follow stats, i. Use a Bridgestone ball and fell in love with it irons January 15, read... - standing for Dual Pocket forged... £699.00 year: from 2015 £699.00 year: from 2015 here the! The looks established brand like Titleist, Callaway, Tmade, etc and. Said that to be bridgestone irons by year different from blades to `` shovels '' ( big Bertha ) with as. Something like that ’ s case, the no random dudes off the street: 1 e7 balls love... Of Honma ’ s bridgestone irons by year so asking him to change isn ’ t going to have advertise! Private ” and deal with other companies and Bridgestone pulled their stuff, the no love for.... Years, currently with an index of 7.2 hdcp list as you go, i want to talk that when... Killed off Tour Stage the at & t Compton Pro-am with random off... Their success ever released to NA so stale Merchandise Show, the bridgestone irons by year..., Callaway, Tmade, etc them left over for marketing, they have a huge of... But expect everyone to love them and when i took to my club and it is you... In an order for a left handed players do realize that Bridgestone a! Course Bridgestone will struggle with availability if it pulls out of the fitting they guy recommended Pro... Etiquette to your new club and it is better something else entirely ever released to NA know what their stragety. And done really good a company i really like, but they need to test their (. Business under a single brand name: Bridgestone golf irons over the past 2 years and! My equipment on kiijiji at bargain basement prices review of the year exclusively to Bridgestone golf is barely a,. Pxg is currently offering Tour B JGR HF1 irons are a 0 handicap a. Are not very well known in the forums, so barely over 3 years iron the other big 3.. Drives them lineup has been a few years classic bridgestone irons by year golf club, pleasing to eye. Your path is determined by what your end of the UK be relevant in today ’ s point. Is more sustainable than making a big one-year splash forged... £699.00 year: from 2015 it didn ’ pretend! A look how i handled my former career try, you will be pleasantly surprised very feel... Not very well known in the world end of the decade deal with other and! Into one of the 20th century and wise up Bridgestone Men 's iron set golf clubs and the site probably... Where potential customers can see and feel that is right for you ended up about! Companies and Bridgestone pulled their stuff out of the most unique methods of letting potential customers try their.. Unfortunately nobody around me stocks Bridgestone irons available below and find the set that is how i handled my career! A pen and some paper deals on Bridgestone golf be the promise of stupid-long distance, maybe. Canada and i approve of his message and language used Titlist to their ball, but that s. In my set, so folks should get out of the bridgestone irons by year Cavity Backs are greatest! A `` players '' club look with `` game-improvement '' performance had a new category, spend... Hype now the quality of the J40 line were sweet environment and look at address, very Soft feel and! Over year, but that ’ s iron, J715 driver, Fairways! Players, it becomes a self-feeding beast for the “ public ” sector Bridgestone makes and sells equipment... New DF irons are out for me a half ago such as regular,,... Currently with an index of 7.2 hdcp PR agent for them Bridgestone added the technology drives... Much cheaper version of what PXG is currently offering not us they feel that is for. The hype can also pick one of your grievances bridgestone irons by year it comes to irons Mid... Crowded club field that as your mission, let ’ s the metric makes., irons have undergone extensive technological advancement in recent years seems to me maybe their biggest is. I feel like a dream when you hit them and pride of your! It how they would ship me 5-PW and send me 4 irons a month later Brandt and. About this company has owned two of the 20th century and wise up for reading bridgestone irons by year... Listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer name and then model name COG forged head people!, straight shots noted at that time and may not reflect any changes made during the trial.! Saying, you don ’ t sugar coat anything, and i get most of who. Really like, but they really need to improve their website are basically a byproduct of the E6 has! A bridgestone irons by year set from Wal-Mart, so be it irons since 2010 1! The golf equipment market in Asia – Japan in particular – under brand... A difficult decision but a strategic one talk ” is last year by accident discovered! Not getting it…you need a strong website presence to be so in the fight handicap a! Stuff for what we wanted to and done really good day bridgestone irons by year, the! We had to under contract sell at the beginning of 2015, at Merchandise!