RTV group specializes in consultancy, infrastructure and business development. We have been involved in helping our clients realize more out of their efforts in building their brand value through effectively addressing mission critical problems while still managing to stay innovative, creative and intuitive.

Our success is measured by the level of success our customers experience. This is why we have placed them at the forefront of every decision we make on the project and off it as well. We are concerned of their growth and believe that challenging them where required would see to the attaining the results expected. There are only a few who excel under pressure and invite challenges with glee. We bring this attitude into the core thinking of our customer companies, helping them thrive and recognize their true potential.

Our infrastructure wing has been involved in the construction projects of office space, retail, medical facilities and more. We pride ourselves to be a team capable to provide engineered solutions that are creative and provide guidance that is viable and relevant.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide class–leading value and service to our customers through superior quality, affordability and on-time delivery.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be your single solution to meet all your consultancy, infrastructure and business development needs.


Integrity –We believe that trust is the centre of our business and it is only built when we stay true to what we do and how we go about doing it.

Excellence –We believe excellence is achieved through continuous improvement of our processes and of ourselves. We have process and self-improvement programs in place to help give our customers nothing but the best.

Service –Repeat customers simply means excellent service. We focus in providing services that focuses on creating a unique customer experience, one that leaves an indelible mark.

Growth –We believe that when we make the efforts to create an environment that fosters Creativity and self-belief, we just know that we are looking towards growth and success. We encourage our staff to take up a challenge so as to better themselves and provide our customers solutions that are innovative and well thought off.